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Authors declare for every publication published in a periodical (journal or book series) whether the publication is refereed or not. A publication may be declared as refereed if there applied a peer or an editorial review.
Peer Review is defined as quality control of a creative work by experts from the same field and on the same level as the author.
Editorial Review means a review process done internally at the publishing house by experts from the same field and on the same level as the author (peers).

If a periodical is classified as a refereed periodical can be examined in the following data bases:

Journal Database
Here we collect relevant information from various sources. Amongst others we here collect internal decisions of the UZH. The relevant data base field is "refereed: YES or NO".

Ulrichs Serials Directory
The directory marks if a periodical counts as refereed or not. Please note that this database is licenced by the Main Library and only accessible within the UZH network.

The European Reference Index for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation only lists refereed periodicals.

All periodicals that are labeled as refereed in the Whitelist, Ulrichs Directory or ERIH also count as refereed for ZORA. ZORA furthermore count all periodicals listed in PubMed as refereed.
The ZORA editorial team checks all publications on the basis of these sources. If there are differing declarations of submitters this will be checked with the faculites (dean or vice-dean). The results are then listed in the whitelist.

For periodicals that are neither mentioned in Ulrichs nor ERIH nor the white list, and for monographs, book chapters, handbooks, dictionaries, lexica and proceedings the researchers declare themselves whether the work is refereed, as they have previously done for the Annual Reports (Akademische Berichte).

The self-decleration of the researcher also apply when they declare a publication as not refereed. This is not checked further.

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