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The Executive Board of the University of Zurich adopted the following guidelines on May 22, 2008:


The University of Zurich requires their researchers to deposit a copy of all their published scientific works in the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA) with open access, if there are no legal objections.


The University of Zurich encourages and supports their authors to publish their research articles in Open Access journals where a suitable journal exists and provides the support to enable that to happen.


The Annual Reports of the University of Zurich (Akademische Berichte) are based on ZORA starting from 2008. In the Annual Reports publications are only considered if they have previously been deposited in ZORA.

To implement these guidelines the University of Zurich runs an open access repository (Zurich Open Repository and Archive - ZORA), where researcher can deposit their publications and make them freely available.

Practical implementation of the guidelines
  • The free choice of publication and the freedom of research are not affected by these guidelines.
  • Whenever possible researchers reserve their right (from the publisher) to deposit a complete version of their work in ZORA with Open Access, if applicable after an embargo period.
  • In case this is not possible, the publication is deposited in ZORA with bibliographic details only, if applicable with protected full text.
  • The bibliographic details of publications are transferred from ZORA to the Annual Reports independently of full texts. Researchers generate these reports for the Executive Board of the University; granting of funds is independent of Open Access.
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