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For most journals, manuscripts are submitted electronically. When doing so, the instructions regarding the format and length of the text as well as the format of images, films and other documents should be adhered to. For authors the following instructions should be considered:
Medical and natural science journals
Veterinary-medical journals

Publishing with open access

Make your published research results available to a wide audience!

Selecting the appropriate journal

Various platforms and applications help in the selection of the appropriate journal for a paper, for which different requirements must be considered.

Top Journals with Open Access Option

Besides pure open access publishers, more and more traditional publishers also have open access journals in their portfolio, or they offer self archiving options. On the HBZ website we list top journals with open access options classified by discipline.

Author Identification with ORCID

The unique identification of authorship for scholarly works has become more necessary than ever with scholarly communication becoming ever more complex and rapid.

Publishing with Open Access

Many publishers and journals, whether fully open access or hybrid, offer possibilities to publish with open access at reduced costs.

Publishing with open access at reduced costs

This document is not exhaustive. Any modification proposals, updates or additions are very welcome. Please address them to us via the Contact form.


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