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Extension of SCOAP3 initiative

Starting in 2018, the American Physical Society (APS) joins the SCOAP3 Open Access initiative. By expanding these three APS journals, Physical Review C, Physical Review D and Physical Review Letters, the total number of journals supported under the SCOAP3 initiative is increasing to a total of 11 journals. About 90 % of the entire publication output from the area of high energy physics is then available with Open Access. Recently the 15,000th Open Access article has been published since the start of the initiative in 2014. The authors publishing in these journals do not face any costs.

The costs are covered by a global partnership of about 3.000 libraries, funding agencies and research organisations from 44 countries and 3 intergovernmental organizations. The University of Zurich contributes financially to this initiative as part of the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries (see memberships).


CERN Press Release April 27, 2017
APS Press Release April 27, 2017
SCOAP3 Press Release April 27, 2017

SCOAP3 at a glance (599 KB)

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