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ZORA is the host of 100,000 publications

Since today, ZORA hosts 100,000 publications written by UZH researchers and the University hospitals. The hundred thousandth publication comes from the Cardiocentro Ticino and is Open Access available from 1 May 2017. 57 % of all 100’000 publications in ZORA are available with full texts, 36% are even Open Access. Overall, the download figures in ZORA are currently at just over 5.2 million. Most of the users of ZORA come from Germany, followed by Switzerland and the USA.

Milestones in ZORA

25'000th publication Dec. 6, 2010
50'000th publication Feb. 6, 2013
75'000th publication Jan. 20, 2015
100'000th publication Feb. 17, 2017

ZORA was born on October 13, 2006 and has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in October 2016. ZORA is operated by the Main Library together with the Zentrale Informatik of the UZH. The main ZORA-projects in 2017 will futher develop the CMS interface to the Magnolia websites as well as the introduction of ORCID.

Let's go for the next 100'000 publications in ZORA!

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