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This autumn the British funder Wellcome Trust (Sir Henry Wellcome Foundation) will launch its new publishing platform Wellcome Open Research. This platform has been developed in collaboration with F1000Research. After the launch of the Open Access Journals elife together with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the Max Planck Society this is a further attempt to rethink the publication world. The scientific outcome of projects funded by the Wellcome Trust should be made available online. In a next step it will be reviewed by an open peer review process. The range of output is large: classic research articles, large and small datasets, case reports, protocols or even null and negative results.

The motives of the Wellcome Trust are diverse: It's all about a faster but also more transparent way to publish. Factors like transparency and reproducibility of research results play an important role. The Wellcome Trust would like to highlight the importance of openness and transparency in the context of funded scientific research. The quality of a paper shouldn't only be recognized by a publisher's name.

Wellcome Open Research

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