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The launch of "Matters"

Since last year the Open Access publication platform «Matters» is online available but the official launch was yesterday (02/24/2016). The presentation of «Matters» took place in the presence of many guests in the auditorium of the University of Zurich.
The UZH-president Michael Hengartner has welcomed all guests and was happy to be part of this event. The founder of «Matters» systems biologist Prof. Lawrence Rajendran was speaking about his motivations to start this publication platform. The UZH prion researcher Prof. Adriano Aguzzi and the UZH ethicist Prof. Effy Vayena were very keen on Rajendran's idea of this publication platform. Mr. Lukas von Orelli, the director of the Velux Foundation, is financially supporting this platform because of the «original, pioneering and brilliant idea» of Prof. Rajendran. Read more in UZH news post.


UZH News Post: "New publication platform: Galileo would have been happy" (Marita Fuchs, only in german available, 25.02.2016)
OAI-news post of «Matters» (30.12.2015)

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