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Authors' rights

Researchers of the University of Zurich are requested to retain critical rights in their copyright transfer agreements, in order to enable self-archiving in ZORA. In practical terms, there are two possibilities:

  1. Authors may modify copyright transfer agreements that restrict their rights for self-archiving: authors should clearly cancel out expressions such as exclusive transfer of all rights and further restrictive phrases. A coverletter should mention these alterations.
  2. Alternatively, authors add an addendum that retains the right to deposit their article in a repository such as ZORA. This amendment must be countersigned by the publisher to have legal effect.
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Example Case: Successful prevention of assigning all rights to the publisher
Recommendations of the Main Library of the University of Zurich show how to retain the copyright and how not to transfer all exclusive rights to the publisher.

Example case for download - procedure and solution

For articles that are already published authors can ask for publisher's permission to deposit the publication in ZORA: docxSample letter and instructions

Please inform the ZORA editorial team about such amendments when submitting your publication to ZORA.

Copyright toolbox

The copyright toolbox assist authors and publishers to achieve a balance between granting maximum access to a journal article and financial compensation for the publication by the publisher of this article.

Copyright toolbox

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