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The University of Zurich supports its researchers in publishing in open access journals. This means that the Main Library (HBZ) keeps various membership agreements with publishers that enable authors to publish at reduced rates or exempt from charges in open access journals.

Tips and tricks on how you can benefit from the membership aggreements
Overview of memberships at the UZH  (GER; Updatet March 2017)

BioMed Central

The University of Zurich was the first Swiss University to become a member of BioMed Central, an Open Access publisher.


The University of Zurich has an institutional membership with the Swiss publisher Frontiers (for submitted articles as of January, 1st 2015).

Wiley Open Access

As of 2016 researchers of the University of Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich can publish with a great discount in journals of Wiley Open Access.

Science Matters

The University of Zurich has a new membership with the innovative Open Access Journal "Science Matters". It’s a pilot for one year starting from June 2016.

MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

As of February 2016, the Main Library of the University of Zurich has upgraded its institutional membership with the open access publisher MDPI.

Open Library of Humanities (OLH)

Die Open Library of Humanities (OLH) ist eine wohltätige Organisation, die einerseits ein referiertes, wissenschaftliches Gold-Open Access Mega-Journal und zugleich eine Publikationsplattform für geisteswissenschaftliche Journals anbietet.


Due to the funding of the SCOAP3-partnership by the University of Zurich, as part of the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries, researcher in the field of High-Energy Physics can publish at no costs.

RSC Publishing - Royal Society of Chemistry

RSC Publishing offers an open access option at article level for subscription journals.

Nucleic Acids Research

Since 2005 Oxford University Press has been publishing their top journal Nucleic Acids Research, NAR, with free access: Nucleic Acids Research OA publishing model.


F1000Research is the new open access journal of the publisher F1000. Besides this new journal, F1000 publishes article recommendations as well as conference posters.

Mary Ann Liebert

The University of Zurich has an institutional membership at the publisher Mary Ann Liebert in their Open Option Publishing Plan.

PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

The National Academy of Science offers a discount on article processing charges of open access articles in PNAS.

Portland Press

Authors affiliated with subscribing institutions at Portland Press can publish with open access at article level at reduced costs.

ACS - American Chemical Society

The University of Zurich subscribes to journals of the American Chemical Society. Thus researchers of the University of Zurich can benefit from reducted publishing costs for Open Access.

BMJ Case Reports

The University of Zurich subscribes to the BMJ Case Reports journal, thus researcher can publish for free.

Guidelines BioMed Central, Frontiers and Wiley Open Access

In order to benefit from the memberships every submitted paper must fulfil the criteria listed in the guidelines.

Guidelines BMC, Frontiers & Wiley OA

New membership

The open access team of the Main Library University of Zurich is currently checking more membership possibilities. If you have special wishes or concrete requests to this topic don't hesitate to forward them to us. If possible we will consider them. For contacting us please use the Contact form.

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