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Open Access Week 2016

Novel ways of publishing science OA Header

You can't find an appropriate Open Access journal for your research? Why not publish your own OA journal on HOPE?

«Matters» is an innovative publication platform. «Stories can wait. Science can't». Find out more about this alternative Open Access publishing initiative.

Einführung und Überblick
(in German)

Christian Fuhrer, Hauptbibliothek, Universität Zürich

HOPE - Hauptbibliothek Open Publishing Environment
(in German)

Margit Kenzian, Hauptbibliothek, Universität Zürich

Democratising science publishing through innovation
(in English)

Lawrence Rajendran, UZH Systems biologist and Founder of ScienceMatters

Time for discussion and questions
(in German or English)

Abstract 1:HOPE stands for Hauptbibliothek Open Publishing Environment and is a new hosting service from the Main Library of the University of Zurich. UZH-researchers have the possibility to publish their own Open Access journals. The Main Library offers support in technical and organisational issues.  If you are interested in publishing your journal on HOPE, then stop by at the second presentation.

Abstract 2: There is a crisis in science publishing and this crisis is due to three main reasons: irreproducibility of scientific data, barriers to access data and finally, non-communication of data. Science works best when everyone has free access to the data, publications, and deliberations arising from scientific studies. We created ScienceMatters, a novel way of publishing science that aims at democratising science publishing which creates opportunity both to create and access knowledge. ScienceMatters publishes only single but well-validated observations and the original authors and others can then extend the further observations in real-time thus removing any artificial barriers to publish science but also allows creation of an "internet of science".

With these presentations we hope to give you new insights in alternative publishing models and invite you and your colleagues to join the discussion.

 Join the discussion!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 2 - 4 p.m.

University of Zurich, City Campus
Room KO2-F-175
Karl Schmid-Strasse 4, 8006 Zurich

The presentations will be held in German and English.


No registration required!

Website: Open Access Week



Open Access poster exhibition

The international Open Access Week is a global event now in its 9th year, to promote Open Access as the new default in scholarship and research.
Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to our Open Access poster exhibition on the Irchel Campus (Y13-G-100 near "Kettelikunst").
The poster can be visited from October 24 - 28, 2016 the entire day.

Open Access Week 2016

Veranstaltungsflyer 2016

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