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Staying up to date

The Open Access world is constantly under development and in motion: new technical developings, new initiatives, solutions, achievements and much more, which you can all find online. Stay up to date with those two major information sources!

1. Helmholtz Open Access Newsletter

The Open Access Coordination Office of the Helmholtz Association publishes regularly a newsletter which informs about important trends and progresses in the open access movement. The newsletter also contains a list of current literature.

Helmholtz Open Access Newsletter

2. Open Access Newsletter of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

This newsletter reports about news and developments regarding open access within the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. It informs about publishing with open access and serves as an orientation guide for anyone interested in open access.

Open Access Newsletter of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

3. SPARC Open Access Forum & Newsletter

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Research Coalition operates a discussion forum moderated by Stacie Lemick, where subscribers can post questions, comments, and conversation about the open access movement. Besides this, Peter Suber regularly publishes a newsletter, that merges all the major news about open access within this period.

SPARC Open Access Newsletter & Forum

4. GOAL: Global Open Access List

The former Amercian Scientist Open Access Forum, which was the first Open Access forum ever, is now chaired by Richard Poynder. Because Open Access is a worldwide issue the forum is now called Global Open Access List.
The list is dedicated to the discussion of Open Access practice and policy-making by the worldwide research community with the aim of enabling concrete, practical steps to be taken to achieve Open Access.

GOAL - Global Open Access List

5., Gemeinschaftsblog zu wissenschaftlicher Kommunikation im Netz

A blog written by experts in the areas of open access, scientific publishing and scientific communication.

6. Richard Ponyder's blog

Richard Poynder is an independent journalist and blogger specialising in information technology, scholarly communication, professional online database services, open science, e-Science, and intellectual property. Richard takes a particular in interest in the Open Access movement, whose development he has been following for more than a decade. He is also the moderator of the Global Open Access List.

Richard Poynder

7. Scinoptica-Blog of Ulrich Herb

In this blog you can find current information about Open Access, Open Science and Open Data. In addition to legal aspects (e.g. CC- licenses) also the costs of publications and their development are examined in the interaction between universities, researchers and publishers.


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