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Prof. Dr. Andrew Hector
Andy Hector

"Every scientist wants their work to be as widely read as possible. Open access is clearly a better system for making this happen and for advancing science, depite some practical problems in getting to this better system. To support open access I have worked for the last several years as an editor for PLoS One and on the committee that oversees ZORA. I am sure initiatives like ZORA are playing a very useful role in applying pressure for more open access. PLoS One is now the biggest scientific publisher and produces great looking peer reviewed papers very quickly and efficiently and has great success having the research featured in the media. The UK intends to make all of its publicly funded research published by open access in the near future and the EC has said it wants to do the same.
Open access is clearly the next generation of research publishing and the sooner we all get on board the better. The main hurdle is moving from a subscriber pays system to an author pays system while making sure academic publishers don't get paid twice!"

Prof. Dr. Andrew Hector
Former Chair of Biodiversity and Community Ecology, University of Zurich, current: Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford
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